At Sesame Club we offer the latest teaching methods to help children develop on every level according to the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) standards.


We firmly believe that the experiences our children receive in their most formative years are crucial to their future progress and development. Sesame Club implements Oxford's learning strategies for young learners as a standard base of our teaching process. Our curriculum aims at enhancing basic language learning & proper oral language acquisition through a fun & an engaging process. Each and every lesson within our curriculum is well planned and has a clear objective. 

We aim to help children develop in the following areas:
  1. Communication and language
  2. Physical Development 
  3. Social and emotional development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding of the world
  7. Expressive arts and designs 


Children's schedules are carefully planned and filled with fun learning activities through implementing Oxford's learning strategies for young learners:

  1. Language Learning & Numeracy Basics
    1. Children learn through play (Organized games)
    2. Drama and pretend play corners.
    3. Listening to and acting out stories & songs.

  2. Motor Skills (Fine/Gross)
    1. Huge & spacious outdoor areas with many types of equipment to help develop our children's gross motor skills and movements.
    2. Not only that but we offer children physical activities that help foster movement coordination.
    3. Fine motor skills development (play dough, beading, lacing, … etc.) 

  3. Collaboration & Communication
    1. Teaching children to listen to others and enhancing the awareness of surrounding actions.
    2. We give the children the chances to self-express themselves through Show &Tell activities.
    3. Free play.

  4. Manners/Values
    1. Children learn class routines and rules.
    2. Children learn to respect self & others. 

  5. Science
    1. Exploring the world (field trips & activities of exploration)

  6. Creativity & Critical thinking
    1. Child's creativity development (arts & crafts, free drawing)
    2. Critical thinking development (Cognitive development toys)
    3. Integrating technology (smart board use & interactive tools) 


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